"If you are tired of country “artists” in Versace skinny jeans, then get up and tip your hat to Mick Mullin. “Nashville Man” is Mullin’s battle-cry for true Tennessee music and pride. The lyrics are the kind a whole bar can chant along to — everyone with a drink in the air and a smile on their face. Perhaps the best part comes when Mullin discusses those who were “lost in the mix.” Clever. Real clever. Set atop thumping and picking, “Nashville Man” is one of our new favorite tunes."

                                                                                                                  - Modern Music Maker 


Marijuana Ruined My Life

"The song is a tongue-in-cheek lamentation of the first moment he smoked, and it was “5,000 braincells gone in a flash,” before the teenaged protagonist was whisked off to country jail.  With Cates’ classical guitar grounding us around a western campfire, Mullin’s tale is sure to bring a smirk of understanding to your day."

                                                             - Americana Highways