Marijuana Ruined My Life

by Mick Mullin

Released 2018
Rayon City Records
Released 2018
Rayon City Records
A satirical ballad about a tragic life ruined by marijuana told through a fun blend of tropical and country western sounds.
"Some people would say that marijuana ruined my life, but the tragic truth of this tale is that the criminalization of marijuana had a substantial impact on my life in a real negative way. There's a country song in there somewhere." - Mick

Written by Mick Mullin (BMI)
Produced by Mick Mullin and Jerry Webb
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Webb
Mick Mullin - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Matthew Cates - Classical Guitar
Aaron Cates - Drums, Percussion
Daniel Jones - Bass, Percussion

© Mick Mullin